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Running and not running


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Mavericks is working pretty well on
GA z77 d3h with i3770k and gtx570

-usb3 works with lacie driver
-sleep and wake up works oob
-skype new version is not working, i installed earlier version which is working
-heaven 4 benchmark works perfect, finaly with tesslation thanks to opengl 4
-final cut pro x running very well
-cuda apps are working (adobe premiere, after effects)

not running:
-sound from mainboard is not working, but i didnt try to use patched applehda.kext, cause i have usb soundcard
-GRID Game is crashing at start (on my macbook with mavericks its working) (maybe related to soundcard? i should test on Hackmac with ML )
-Diablo III is not working (not on hackmac and not on macbook)
-every 3rd party ntfs driver is not working yet (paragon, tuxera, ntfs-3g, sl-ntfs)

at all system seems pretty stable and very fast, i have full CL, QE, CUDA, RESOLUTION Support.

as i use a 27" inch monitor with 2560x1440 monitor, i cant test HD4000 graphic (supports only 1920x1200 and not dual DVI)

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