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numeric pad problems


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Hi to all.

I've had some problems with the numeric pad recently. I remember it once worked, but not anymore. I was navigating in Safari or worked in some kind of program, and then i pressed a key from the numeric pad and then it kind of collapsed. And i can't use the numeric pad, and in ceirtain programs, such as word, safari, and dreamweaver, when i type anything from the numeric pad it collapses again.

But this kind of collapse is really wird, because it makes the buttons of the mouse stop working, but i can move the mouse over the screen with no problems, and i can also use the keybord, but for example, , when i move the mouse over the dock, it doesn't magnify, and if i click anything it would't make any action, so the question is , what am i doing wrong, or should i change my keyboard, or the mouse?


I have a microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard (it has a wireless receptor, and then it connects to the computer with this purple connection for the keyboard) , a microsoft wireless mouse (it uses the same receptor, but it has another cable specific for the mouse, which is an usb), and i have another generic mouse that i use the most, which is connected with the green connection for the mouse.


I have no idea what is happaning, because when i boot into windows, or linux, it works perfectly. It doesn't requires any driver because it works like a normal keyboard and mouse because the wireless receptor do all the work, and the computer gets the signal, as it was generic.


Thank you




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