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iATKOS MLU3 10.8.3 - White Screen - 7970

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Hi guys my pc specs are:


i5 3570K

HD 7970 Sapphire Radeon 3GB OC with Boost



Im not sure what im doing wrong but the installation worked seamlessly but when i tried booting, I had the white screen with music and the mouse and display appeared in the correct resolution but nothing loaded i also had to use -v or it would just freeze on the apple logo.


I tried using this command to help me from


mkdir /Volumes/Your HDD Name/ati_backup
mv /Volumes/Your HDD Name/System/Library/Extensions/ATI7000Controller.kext /Volumes/Your HDD Name/ati_backup/
Then boot with GraphicsEnabler=No


I managed to get into OSX but now the resolution is not good.


They mentioned making a custom DSDT with the address field of the OP but i dont know how to make my own or even add my own. Ive managed to make my own IOREG file, which is attached.


Is anyone willing to help me? 


Many Thanks,



Also im not sure on where to find the DSDT but the OP of the other fourm has the same MB as me


EDIT: Any if anyone has any recommended settings, please post them aswell.

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Some of hd7xxx gpu's users facing this problem. When you see White screen with cursor try Press Power button. Pc should go to sleep. Wait few seconds and press power button once more to wake up your pc. If everything would go well you will see a login window, if not, boot with -x and try to make your sleep works and try again.


EDIT: More info here:


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