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Want to use Asus X58 for 10.8.4 install.....


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Hello, I am new round here.  Is there a database that will answer the following?


I have an Asus Sabertooth X598 motherboard running a Core I7 950 CPU with an ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card.  Will all of this work for a 10.8.4 install?  If not, I am open to buying a new graphics card and such, but am trying to use as much as I have to keep the cost down.  Also is 10.8.4 the best option for someone so sick of Windows as I?


Thanks folks!!!

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ok first look up the specs sheet for your motherboard ( from Asus site)

then from that look up your sound ie (ALC892) and see if the is a kext file for it same with your Ethernet card

and chipset and Graphics card

googles your friend

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Thank you, Baldy.  My friend Mr. Google did indeed show me that there appear to be kext files available for everything I need.  There looked like there would be some issues as others have experienced, but no show stoppers.  I think I shall try this!!!


Next step is to download the latest Mac OS from Apple, I assume.  Looks like it is only $20!!!!

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