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eberardo pasquili-ausbergi

Audigy Platinum on Leopard, Psychoacoustics?

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I've a nice leopard install on a p4p800 mb + creative soundblaster audigy platinum sc.
The problem is that the last driver for the sc is for snow only, so i use
an old driver with very very essential features. I can't update to Snow, because
of the old mobo and in any case, everything else works so, don't touch it.
Now, when I switch back to the once-beloved and now hatred XP O/S, i have 
the impression that the sound is much much better. I think I hear some
scratches when under osx, but it may be just psychoacoustics...


What do you think? It is possible that the different driver makes the soundcard

response different?




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I've used Creative Audigy 2 PCI card with both Windows 7 and OS X.6.8/5.8 through S/PDIF. I've noticed no difference whatsoever.


BTW you can install SL too. Just upgrade the graphics to GeForce 8xxx/9xxx. Patched kernel is needed anyway.

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I got a RME Fireface 400 ext device. I also hear differences in between Windows / OSx environments. Im no expert on how audio (routing) is implemented, but i think it's in OSX that there are less layers involved in the audio routing (unless u used a different setup in windows so it bypasses kmixer.sys? (kernel streaming) In general (regarding latencies) i do favor osx's coreaudio deamon. 

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Thanks to both. To improve the audio quality i see 2 possibilities:


1) Does anybody think it could be possible to adapt the Snow drivers to Leopard os?


2) My hackintosh worked almost out of the box so I didn't trouble much with... "kernel paching" "DSDT".. etc.

Do you think I should explore some more the above topics, or since the hackintosh works, it can't be tuned

much better than it is? In other words, is it possible that I have a working hackintosh, with absolutely no problem in several weeks,

but still the configuration is wrong, (in particular, thus resulting in bad audio performance)?


Sorry for these silly questions, expecially the 2nd....



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I guess nor of the two would change how audio works. The version of the kext for SL, is just a version for SL, I doubt it is significantly different in design from Leopard version.


You can try finding an external USB audio card (used one on ebay). Most should work without any driver. I'm using Creative Soundblaster USB with a laptop. Again it is connected to digital receiver via digital interface (Toslink). There is no difference (Windows 7/OS X SL) in sound quality (as far as I can tell).

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