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MBR Installation —— New Way to Install Mac on MBR Partition


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Here is a new way to install mac os on mbr partition without OSInstall mbr patch.


1.Go into a PE on your pendisk.


2.Convert your mbr harddrive to guid harddrive.


There are several tools here. We use diskgenius or disktool in China.


3.You can not go into your windows system now because of the convertion. But you can now install Mac OS X Mavericks.


4.After Installation, reboot and go into your PE on pendisk. (Don't go to OS X now)


5.Convert your guid harddrive to mbr harddrive. And make sure your windows partition is active.


6.Reboot to your windows and you can install Chameleon.


7.Reboot into your Mac OS X Mavericks.


Not tested yet....

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what happened with me is :

I got the laptop then

1- I installed windows oem for the first time that came with it

2- After windows installation I went to disk management and shrink the mbr drive about 100GB for osx and formatted it to ntfs(only option)

3- I restart and converted in bios UEFI to legacy boot then hit f10 to save and restart with

4- Restart with usb mac osx installer and as soon as the installation starts I went to disk utilities and converted the 100 Gb partition to mac extended journaled and continued

    installation as normal as I did it before on a GUID drive.

this is what I did it and now osx is working fine with no KP at all.

Good luck for all

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