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Install From InstallESD


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After copying files from all over i am able to boot off an InstallESD using Clover.If it happens to install i will share it.It may seem useless but just a proof of concept.


What i did really was too restore installesd.dmg to a usb and copy the Kernel to the root of the usb drive.


I then created a folder called Library in root of the usb drive with structure Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist.


As well as a System folder in the usb root with structure 










Well EveryThing Seemed like a go till i hit a little wall.


"This Is not a Supported Method of installing the operating system"


Please Install........... from app store.


Disk-utility, Safari everything opens just the installation which claims unsupported method.Will try to bypass it.


I will explain everything in detail when i able to get past the minor problem.

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