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  1. To get it working I enabled clover nvram emulator (emu variable) and installed startup rc scripts to enable the driver.Then select Nvidia Web-driver from menu bar applet and reboot Don't know if it's a clover issue a difference in the way Nvidia detects which driver is active ,be it OS X default or web.
  2. How could I become a kext dev?

    A program should be a solution to a problem,try learning how boot-loaders and kext work from post earlier and try to figure out how you can solve a current problem via kext or boot-loader,you can also look at current opensource kext examine it's code and see if you could make improvements or perform a complete rewrite. Sometimes having a problem to solve and learning a language goes hand in hand
  3. Internal LCD does not recognize properly

    Yes "built-in" is the only needed flag ,This string was not meant as a permanent fix,I prefer to test with strings because it's much faster(for me),then when i get a working combo,work it into dsdt. As far as osx is concerned it detects the lcd on a display port rather then edp/lvds hence considers it external monitor. There is also AAPL,HasPanel AAPL,backlight-control which may or may not be needed if the above fails.
  4. Internal LCD does not recognize properly

    To get it to display as built in you might need to inject built in flag and also make sure that your smbios is that of a mac with built in brightness and nvidia gpu like imac or macbook try this if you use clover 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 Using clover configurator,paste this in Devices/properties windows and check inject. Make a back up copy of config if it somehow mess up your output.
  5. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Maybe your model identifier is set to one which still uses power kext
  6. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    You may need power management=0 in gfx plist and ensure cache is properly re-built,if you use natit ensure the os info entry is correct however dsdt patch is best.You find that improper installation of kext tend to retain old values thus rendering the new values ineffective
  7. might have to do with skylake drop of ehci controller,I guess you might know of windows 7 trouble installs via usb can google it.Maybe check for some legacy or emulation mode.(Mostly might affect usb, but might be worth investigating)
  8. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Your beta patch has worked for me through all the betas.... i have ensured devisor fix is not selected and i kept it on lvds only.Did not select vga or dvi .Have power management to 0 in info.plis as well. Well i just read someone posted earlier that the debug works,but i did say that from the day the first build was released anyway.
  9. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    What settings did you use to patch FB on mavericks?
  10. I see that you got your AMD card and stuff.just wondering if you every tried out this procedure http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/ to get the intelhd working the gma5700/hd1000
  11. Parallels desktop doesn't work

    Be sure that parallels and virtualbox are not powered on at the same time
  12. Yr? mine seems to be working just fine...is your dsdt being initialized? and kext installed properly?
  13. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Not to sure maybe someone with CI only might respond better,but i think there is a way to make vlc work without full gfx stack not sure if its an older version but you can check out google.Those programs might have hardware acceleration hard coded. and have you ever tried an external monitor to see if you get the complete experience?
  14. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    what setting did you use to patch 10.9.3 i'll try patching it for you
  15. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    don't add the divisor fix.... what ever setting you chose in intelhd patcher to get 10.9.3 working choose those same settings in the new patcher,this time selecting 10.10...exclude devisor fix...if it is enabled by default disable it and remember install kext properly.. Which browser? if chrome? in my experience beta/dev/canaray builds are problematic for now.