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I got a Creative Labs Extigy USB.

It gets recognized but i found no way to make it actually work!

My mobo has a Realtek audio chipset that works only in out mode, no input.

In any application that lets you choose it, if i use "HD Audio Output" for OUT,

and "Extigy OUT" (there are two of them, i think one for analogic and the

other for digital) for OUT, i can't record anything from the Extigy.

Am i missing something?

In Windows there is some sort of control panel to set the configuration of

the Extigy. Of course i couldn't find something like that for OSX.


Any clue?



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Hi there,


I still have the same trouble, Extigy gets detected but no sound coming out of it. There is one user right now that has stated its working with the jas 1048 DVD, but i just don't know yet what settings he'd use.


Report of working Extigy!!!


I think he used the soundblaster.usb.package during installation, but as soon as I load the package my usb gets corrupted! And nothing works. No keyboard / mouse /extigy...


I can open the package and extract the kexts, but as soon as i load the iousb kext the system has no working usb anymore...



Anyone an Idea how the soundblaster.usb.package is working?Who build it?

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