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Fix About This Mac Processor: Unknown


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Fix/edit "About this Mac"

Version en español

Tanks to Koos Kaspers.nl




If when you open "About this Mac" will appear Processor: Unknown This can be solved by placing the version of your processor either Intel or AMD. Download TextMate editor for developers


TextMate 1.5.9 Trial


1. Install TextMate

2. Open> System / Library / CoreServices / Resorce / English.lproj


Locate the file "AppleSystemInfo.string" and open it with TextMate and find "UnknownCPUKind" = "Unknown" and replace Unknown with the type of processor you want, for example:

"UnknownCPUKind" = "Intel ® Pentium ™ 4"

NOT modify the carecteres = "

3. Save

4. Usually no need to restart, now see the name of your processor. You can also modify it to create your own "About This Mac" following some tutorials that findeth Internet.




Change the Apple logo


To change the logo, simply replace a file. The logo is available at:


> System / Library / CoreServices / loginwindow.app / Contents / Resources



only if necessary "right-click" on the file (loginwindow.app) and give show contents and find / contents / Resources


Find the file and rename MacOSX.tif by MacOSX.tif.bak


Now you can place the changed logo image (the that you download) (remember that only allow pictures of type. Tif) paste the downloaded image and rename to MacOSX.tif


Authenticate with password (if necessary), close the session and open again the session and you can now see your logo moficado "About this Mac"



Custom Logos







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