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My adventure with MAC on PC started three years ago with a successful attempt to install PEARPC with TIGER. That demanded some DOS and TERMINAL codework and gave me a rich experience of fixing the configuration files of PEAR and PC, but the MAC OS was to slow to work on. That was fun;). Next was iATKOS and KALYWAY on ASUS P5KE. Installing these distros was an opportunity to study all kinds of forums, wiki sites and blogs. Finally it worked, but Motherboard died;( after storm and blackuot. Asus decided to exchange the mobo for a new one: P5KC. This time I need more time. I'll report the results soon. Today I copy the list of links where I look for guides:


  1. Main database of configurations and codes: wiki
  2. Forum of the OSX86 Scene: discussion and guides
  3. Great guide at LifeHacker
  4. History of making OSX working on PC: wikipedia
  5. Bootloader Netkas site
  7. insanelymac - vmware
  8. All in one automated utility for Mac OSX86 installation and maintenance tasks. Google Code Site
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