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    Asus P5QC Bios

    well, the good news is, thanks to noodledog, I've installed the SL on my ASUS P5QC with Q6600! So fassn! PM me if you need further assistance. The SL retail boots with boot cd Chameleon and all you have to do is to switch ALL devices in BIOS settings, according to the manual. It took me a month to find a lazy/free saturday evening and try all fixes, so I'll post the data, screenshots and movies soon. The funny thing is I've updated bios to 2103 and managed to boot the old Vista (installed previously on another hdd) so it's perfect now. The only drawbacks are lack of sound and ethernet, but I'm looking for wifi-usb, any ideas? Best, Conrad
  2. My adventure with MAC on PC started three years ago with a successful attempt to install PEARPC with TIGER. That demanded some DOS and TERMINAL codework and gave me a rich experience of fixing the configuration files of PEAR and PC, but the MAC OS was to slow to work on. That was fun;). Next was iATKOS and KALYWAY on ASUS P5KE. Installing these distros was an opportunity to study all kinds of forums, wiki sites and blogs. Finally it worked, but Motherboard died;( after storm and blackuot. Asus decided to exchange the mobo for a new one: P5KC. This time I need more time. I'll report the results soon. Today I copy the list of links where I look for guides: Main database of configurations and codes: wiki Forum of the OSX86 Scene: discussion and guides Great guide at LifeHacker History of making OSX working on PC: wikipedia Bootloader Netkas site MSI WINDOSX insanelymac - vmware All in one automated utility for Mac OSX86 installation and maintenance tasks. Google Code Site