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irrational John

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I'm having trouble making headway in the forums. While the ACPI spec is a pain, it at least tries to make a coherent (in its way) presentation of the info. Not so the forums. I'm afraid it is just not in their nature to be easy to follow and/or accurate and/or comprehensive. It's more like a bunch of overlapping conversations at a geek cocktail party. :dev:

Since I easily loose track of where I've been or what I intended to follow up on later, this entry is an attempt to stash links to some "posts of possible interest" (to me) in the insanelymac forum.


Note Bene: Anything in this entry could change without notice at any time. It's not meant to guide others so much as to jog my memory when needed.

Last update: Thursday, 10 December 2009


A link back to the "hacking required" Lifehacker article.


Entire threads which looked interesting (and which I also will probably never get around to completely reading :dev: )

Specific "summary" posts which the owners aperiodically update

Possibily useful tools and ASL "tips 'n tricks"

-irrational john

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