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Unlocking $ 199 iPhone 3G


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This gadget is the most wanting by me and im sure some people is the same with me. After wait for some times, I'm not really sure if I want to do the "waiting game".




One of the biggest mistake by Apple is trying to get along with some provider. It doesn't make sense at all. Why would the great gadget from the great manufacturer want to do that way ? It's a 3G and GSM Digital phone is supposed to be open while the user is deciding which provider they want to use. What is the SIM card point anyway ? Why not just embed the number into chipset inside the phone ? It will spread the Apple 3G iPhone market if they open it. Or, Apple don't want to follow Nokia's path ? Maybe Apple is to arrogant ?


Or Apple will wait until BANG someone successfully unlock their protection inside the 3G iPhone and then become open ? will it be to late for Apple ?


Lets wait and see. But, I'm still hoping those gadget will be available to any provider in the world. Not just for AT&T or their network alliance.

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