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First thing first: search the forum :dev:


Found it in here from Taruga. Thanks to him /bow to Taruga


I download the Realtek ALC861 kext -> Click to download


Here's the step-by-step :


Backup then delete the file called AppleAzaliaAudio.kext (if you find it) if not its okay.

Now do the same to the file called AppleHDA.kext

Drag and drop the contents of zipped file into the Extensions folder

Start up terminal & type in the following commands without the numbers or "enter"

sudo -s "enter"

Put your password "enter"

cd /System/Library/Extensions "enter"

chmod -R 755 AppleHDA.kext "enter"

chown -R root:wheel AppleHDA.kext "enter"

chmod -R 755 ALCinject.kext "enter"

chown -R root:wheel ALCinject.kext "enter"

diskrepair "enter"

reboot "enter"


When its done, i can hear the sound from my built-in speaker and it shows in System Preference



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