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iTunes does not play tunes


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After moving my collection of 2708 songs from my windows disc into iTunes, i noticed that only 2085 songs actually made it. The other 623 songs where missing in action. After finding some of the missing songs i tried :


- Double click, itunes opens and nothing no sound no song no nothing

- Drop it in itunes library, it just dissapears no message no nothing

- Open it with preview, it's not playing


So i rebooted into windows and played a few of the MIA songs. Of course no problem at all wmp11 played each and every one of them.


Back to leapard and checked with a fresh xpsp2 install under vmware fusion, and i found the first hint : WMP11 came with the message that the file format did not match the extension, if i still wanted to play it. I selected "yes" and "don't ask me this again". After that all of the MIA songs played.


I don't know what actual format those songs are, all of them are .mp3 extensions and look normal with file properties. Anyway i never had any problems playing them as wmp11 and winamp just play them.


If iTunes does not want to play them, the least i expect is an information message as to why the file is not played. The current behaviour of iTunes is not acceptable at all. What was apple thinking ? "hey guys, lets make all the files that do not adhare 100% to our layout, just dissapear wouldn't that be fun ?". Or are they just daft and forgot to make an error message ?


Anyway, another reason to wonder why we bother to install this mess of an O.S. on our pc's. "it just does not work".

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