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Back to vista it is !


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Well it was fun, but osx hurts my eyes and vista does not. Vista was back in 10 minutes with system restore, and so was my eyesight. Bye bye osx, it was fun while it lasted, but you are hard to read and not very comfortable to use.


Sighn.. vista slow boot, continues hard disk access and low battery life. Now what to keep on this laptop ? Maybe wait for the new hardy heron ubuntu in april ? Will it function or do you have to "sudo -apt -get bcm43xx_fwcutter" and more of that crytic cli stuff ?


- Vista slow (well on a celeron laptop it is, on my desktop it goes like hell

- Leopard, fast and good on the cheapo laptop if only one could read the small fonts

- ubuntu 7.10 gnome grub -fla blup sudo /etc/type/silly/stuff togetit running.sh


Maybe drop all this modern living and go back to the basics : eat/drink/sleep/and that other thing one tends to do with a member of the opposite sex.

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