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Leopard dissapointing


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After getting Leopard to work on both my desktop and laptop, i have to say that i am quite dissapointed in the OS. My major gripes with apple's system :


- Problem number 1 is the horrible way in which OSX renders fonts. Small letters are very blurred and difficult to read compared to vista's way of rendering fonts. After half an hour of Leopard i have a headache, and the feeling that i need glasses. XP is already better even without cleartype, never mind vista which is head and shoulders above osx in this. For me it makes osx close to useless, when you have a hard time reading what is left of a pc ?


- Enter for rename ?? Give me a break what a silly idea


- The windows buttons are on the top left, come on 90% of the population is right handed. Put them on the top right.


- Windows resize only on the bottom right this is very irritating as you have to : move window / resize. Vista/xp can resize the window everywhere.


- No cut and paste for files, miss this a lot


- Iphoto, itunes, safari, mail, Finder are all very dissapointing. Picasa, wmp11, ie7 outlook, explorer are much much better.


- The dock takes so much screen estate especially on a laptop, furthermore the thing is annoying with the bounching,reflecting,zooming stuff.


- The ever present menu bar at the top of the screen is not ergonomic. If i have a small program window somewhere on the screen, i want its menu there (like windows) not half a meter away at the top of the screen.


- No smooth scrolling, xp/vista/linux have it so why is OSX so jerky when scrolling in safari for example.


- "no installing" is always a remark from mac users, well sorry to say about half the applications that i installed have an installer routine and some even want a restart. Not much different from windows, apart from the fact that there is no uninstaller and you have to look for left overs yourself.


- All usenet programs for the mac are horrible nzb downloaders. There is nothing like usenet explorer which is a full fledged usenet program with build in search.


- Not consistent : some programs quit others just close when you click the x.


- Irritating : "come join our 99 dollar a year crappy web service" advertisement everywhere, and no-one complains ? What if microsoft did the same, people would screen their head off.


- it's not that stable, by that i mean the applications not the os. Same situation as windows.


Alright now the good stuff :


- It starts up fast

- No disc grinding like vista

- Expose is nice

- iwork is quite good especially for the price

- Instant preview with / coverflow is quick and fun

- Much less adware/malware/virus stuff to worry about

- Parallels works very good with xp even on a low end laptop


And the best : It's gone in 20 minutes and replaced by vista :dev:


Without joking, i will keep it on my laptop for a little while longer, but i dont know if i can live with the horrible font rendering.

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