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Don't Use VMware ACE Editions for OSx86


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I got a report from HDClown that networking doesn't work for OSx86 with VMware ACE Editions, but it does with non-ACE editions. Here is the message HDClown sent me:


Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for your VMware info, very useful. Something I found out in my trials is that if you use VMware Workstation 6.0 ACE edition, and edit the .VMX to specify e1000 for the ethernet device, as soon as you start the VM session, it will automaticelly edit the .vmx back to vlance.


This does not occur with non-ACE edition. Must have something to do with ACE edition only supporting the vlance for compatibility reasons.


Also, a problem I'm having. I have VM set to bridge, and the NIC is found in OSX at boot, but it says its not connected. While the VM is running, I can change the adaptor to NAT and OSX now thinks the VM is linked. I try to pull DHCP address but no luck. Again, while booted, I change back to bridged and try to pull DHCP, no luck.


I also tried bridge mode with static IP, no luck. Any thoughts?


The only current solution for this is to switch to a non-ACE edition of VMware, such as VMware Workstation or VMware Server.

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