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Building an OSx86 - Got JaS 10.4.8 image with 8.8.1 kernel


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Its time to say bye-bye to the JaS 10.4.7....


Got the JaS 10.4.8 SSE2 SSE3 8.8.1 kernel. Here's what I do:


connect SATA HD to purple SATA on your mainboard

connect DVD using USB enclosure for HDD


edit your BIOS : go to “Integrated Peripherals”, Set “Sata Port0-3 Native Mode” to “Disabled”, Set “Onboard SATA/IDE Device” to “Enabled”, Set “Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode” to “AHCI”


Bah! My Seagate SATA HDD is stuck! It works in a funny little wierd (cant say anything, but I know my old HDD is done!). This time I buy new HDD SATA WDC WD800BD-08MRA1 80GB. Cost me about $36.


installation: power on, press F12, choose USB-CDROM, press F8, type -v [enter], install using customize

choose JaS Patch Update, SSE3 support.


When the installation is done, Voila! I got the video working at the beginning. Whooa.... what a satisfaction! Starting to dance in front of my PC. My wife looking me strangely... huh what happen to my hub? lol


And then I shutdown the PC. Reconnect the SATA HDD into the orange port. Power on again.

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