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Build an OSx86 - What fires me up


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This initiative was start sometimes in January 2007, when surfed in google and found out that many OSx86 project is successfully carried out by many people around the world.


I began to downloading the OSx86 image from the server and also begun collecting several informations. Found the 10.4.1 (I guess the earliest OSx86 dvd image from kiko, can't remember that) image and start to install on my previous PC. Below is the configuration:


Intel P4 HT 3.0 GHz

Asus P4P800-Deluxe

LAN On-board

Audio On-Board

Firewire On-board

RAM Kingstone 2GB PC3200

ATI 9600 Pro AGP

HDD Seagate IDE 20GB

DVD-ROM Asus 1608P2S

BenQ USB Keyboard

Logitech Optical Scroll Mouse

DVD Asus 1608P2S

Linksys WMP54GV2 (Broadcom)

Logitech Optical Scroll Mouse

EIZO L557 17" LCD


Tried to install it and it was successfull, but without a LAN and not detecting the Video card. I did couple of things and ended up with nothing. I gave up. Trully not worth it. Honestly, I got G5 sitting next to me but still need to prove what people say about building up a PC with OSx86 in it. And then I leave the project abandoned for couple of months.

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