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Panther support for Geekbench 2.0


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Okay, so with the release of Geekbench 2.0 i figured that I should try it out on all of my machines. The MacBook and AMD box worked fine with Geekbench, but my iBook wasn't so fortunate. Geekbench apparently wouldn't run on 10.3.x due to some vital missing components that Geekbench needed to run. I went ahead and made an installed package that contains the vital componets for Geekbench to run, therefore allowing it to run on 10.3.x based Macs. Geekbench will run fine, but you just won't be able to register Geekbench due to some interface functions that are for Tiger only. Here's the download link for it if anyone is interested.




Enjoy! :graduated:

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