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Ok so after 3 or 4 reinstalls I get this error mDNS... blah blah blah! So I am pissed, thinking what the hell could be the problem? So I start looking and searching the forums and find other people are having the same issue. So at least I am not a complete moron :dev:

Anyway, someone posted a question about updates, and weather or not to do them, the people that answered said no! Well being a windows person, I was thinking when the update message comes up, to just do them :P So I reinstalled with the network no plugged in and setup my account. And OSX never asked me for updates, so i didnt download them. I know you dont need to install with the NIC unplugged I just didnt want to take any chances.


So what are we not going to do anymore :P Dont download updates :dev:


Then I installed some Nvidia drivers just messing around and it hosed my system :P had it running for 12hours though :graduated:


Ok off to reinstalled yet again...


I would like to say thanks to all the people that answer noob questions, and really try to help people out :dev: it does mean allot!

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