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Finished the install Last night!


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Back again,


Ok, so after a week of not having time to work on my MacPC, I got it installed… Woo Hoo! Here is what I did and what I used.


The Setup


My system is configured like what it says on my signature. But I made some mod's to the config. I used one of my 40GB HD to be the main drive for OSX. I setup the bios to boot the 40GB instead of the 80GB (Windows XP.) I have 2 other hard drives on my Promise Ultra133 Controller Card but its not working with OSX so I will work on it later.


The Install


I started from the powered off state and then, powered the system on put the DVD of 10.4.8, the 3.71GB version (beta v2 :dev: ). System booted find with no errors. It came up with the Language Prompt, I chose English (didn't feel like learning a new language today). The Install Prompt came up and I used the Disk Util. and deleted my 40GB Par. and created a Mac extended Journaled par., then I closed the disk util. Installer came back up and I click continue, chose my hard drive that I just setup. This is the part that I messed up last time and I read this guide and it says to click customize :dev: didn't see that before. I chose AMD, Natit, common drivers and just the other defaults. It helps when you have the correct drivers. Last time I got an ACPI error, and I messed with my motherboard but didn't fix it. Wonder why :P:P . So then I clicked ok or continue, started the install. The install took about 20mins or so, not to long. System rebooted and I took the DVD out, booted with in 30secs. It then came up with all the post install stuff about .mac, OSX movie, and all that. And Logged In. Pow! MacPC!


The Issue


Only one issue and I didn't have a lot of time to mess with it, but my System Pref. locked up on me when I was installing my updates. I installed a couple of different, apps like Firefox and some other stuff, messed with the widgets. But system pref. would not open, and I was going to do a restart but needed to get some sleep. So I will have to work on that.


The Finish


When all was said and done, it was a very painless install it just helps to read the guides that are on the wiki. :dev: I think that is one of the bigger issues for noobs is that they don't click the customize button and choose their CPU and kernel. I am very happy with the Mac OS and look forward to sharing my adventures with you all.


DicePC + MacOSX = Happy OSX PC!


Dice :dev:

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