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Weather issues no more!


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Not sure why/how, but there was an issue w/ the weather portions of both my script and X-Info Aqua for the last day or so. It came down to the server sending curl an xml file full of gibberish. I wasn't sure if/when it would be sorted out, so I went looking for a new source of weather info.


Googling "weather xml" turned up info on Yahoo! Weather's api, and so I found myself a new source. The new xml source is a bit more convoluted, as Yahoo likes using XML attributes instead of Elements. But luckily I just discovered how to correctly use this for the Xbox Live stats, so it was a piece of cake.


It seems like the original info source has sorted out it's issues, since it was also the source of info for the official Apple weather widget. But I'm sticking w/ Yahoo, it seems like a better choice, plus the non-zipcode lookup works better.


It looks like there's interest in this source for XInfo Aqua, so I may be porting my code in that direction. Just giving everyone the head's up, even tho I doubt anyone will even notice the change.



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