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  1. Updates and whatnot

    Ok, so it has come to my attention that Google is directing people to some of my older blog posts when they try searching for it. Thanks to that, I'm removing all of my links on here and telling everyone to go to #scripts on irc.moofspeak.net to get it. That way I don't have people complaining my script isn't working when I've fixed many of those errors already. I'm also doing this because I don't feel like posting new links every time I fix something. I'm lazy, what of it. -Scott
  2. I'm baaaaaaack!

    Well, it took a while but my real life calmed down a bit and I decided to come back. Also I noticed that after graduating my old university was nice enough to leave up my files, but revoke my write access to the webspace. So I moved my updated script to box.net. http://www.box.net/shared/fvr62xdgcs I'll post a new link every-so-often, if something major happens. Otherwise the newest link will be in the topic of #scripts on irc.moofspeak.net... and I'll be there too. /Scott
  3. InsanelyHacked!

    The list is there, but have you tried the links? Well, most of them work, but not mine.
  4. InsanelyHacked!

    So were the blogs just lost in the attack, or were they dropped intentionally?
  5. I'm out

    It recently dawned on me that I haven't posted on here in a while. With all of the overblown network vs network {censored} over the last while, I've just stopped caring. There'll be a few tweaks to my script, as I see fit, but I wont be posting about it. In fact, I doubt I'll be posting at all anymore. I no longer spend time in #scripts or #osx86 on moofspeak, and when I do I use a different name (which I wont be telling you). It's not like it'd be hard to find me, but I do this to show that I don't want to be found. Unless something changes, I wont be back. I'm out...
  6. Ah, I see what you mean. In a normal situation it's an upgrade, but in a mac it's a "hack" since you use tools. Well my desk chair is getting a little wobbily, so I think I'll tighten the screws do some hardcore chair hacking, to the xtreme. /Scott
  7. Not to nitpick (who am I kidding, I am nitpicking) but replacing an airport card isn't a hack. You're upgrading apple hardware to be compliant with apple software... there's no hacking there. Otherwise, great post! /Scott
  8. Widget Release PAR-TAY

    So I saw Yahoo! Widget Engine get a link in this week's weekly links, figured I'd share my other creations. Aside from the weather widget, which is stock yahoo, I have created or edited these widgets myself. The list of things is actually a SMB share mounter. The frog is a Hypnotoad, from the show Futurama with animated eyes and sounds. The black square is an FTP Drop widget, which will transfer a file and has the option to move or delete the file after transfer (I use for torrents onto my server). My pride and joy is the D-Pad style network control for Xbox Media Center. My XBMC Remote uses XBMC's webserver to controll playback. Well feel free to try out my creations, I'll keep my support in #scripts on irc.macspeak.net unless it gets too cluttery, then I'll setup a separate channel. /Scott
  9. Just picked up the Xbox Live Vison Pack for my 360, and included with it is codes for 2 Xbox Live Arcade titles, UNO and Robotron: 2084. I have absolutely no interest in Robotron, but since it's just a code I figure the internet is the easiest way to trade something like this. This trade is for the code only, I'm not mailing the physical card. We deal either here or in PM, and PM the codes to each other. Since I have UNO, I don't want/need that but any other game would be awesome. /Scott
  10. Weather issues no more!

    Not sure why/how, but there was an issue w/ the weather portions of both my script and X-Info Aqua for the last day or so. It came down to the server sending curl an xml file full of gibberish. I wasn't sure if/when it would be sorted out, so I went looking for a new source of weather info. Googling "weather xml" turned up info on Yahoo! Weather's api, and so I found myself a new source. The new xml source is a bit more convoluted, as Yahoo likes using XML attributes instead of Elements. But luckily I just discovered how to correctly use this for the Xbox Live stats, so it was a piece of cake. It seems like the original info source has sorted out it's issues, since it was also the source of info for the official Apple weather widget. But I'm sticking w/ Yahoo, it seems like a better choice, plus the non-zipcode lookup works better. It looks like there's interest in this source for XInfo Aqua, so I may be porting my code in that direction. Just giving everyone the head's up, even tho I doubt anyone will even notice the change. /Scott
  11. My new baby

    About a week ago I brought home a 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) bundle of joy that as been taking up most of my free time. No, I didn't reproduce... that's the last thing the world needs! What I'm talking about is an Xbox 360. I've been trying out a bunch of games, and so I haven't given each much time yet... but I've managed to build up a decent starter Gamerscore. (180 if you're wondering) And since scripting is what I do, I worked out a way to display my Xbox Live info in a script, and added it to my script. After updating, /live or /xbl followed by a gamertag will display the info. The commands will work on their own if you set your gamertag into the Sysinfo Settings. Well, Geometry Wars is calling to me... back into the fray I go /Scott
  12. RIP - HackBook Pro

    Just shy of New Years my main comp/hackintosh/true love suffered a graphics card failure and has become a 10 lb paperweight. The HP ZD7000, what my comp really was, was notorious for graphics card failure. I figured I didn't have anything to worry about because I've had the thing for years no prob. Then a little while ago my video started flickering off, but it would flicker back on eventually. Now it wont I'm in the process of tracking down a replacement ZD7000 w/ lower specs that I can move over my cpu/optical drive/ram into. She will be dubbed the HackBook Pro Mark II. Until then I'm stuck in Windows land on a machine I picked up a while back that I've named the Craptop. An AMD XP 1400+ (~500 mhz) w/ 256 mb of ram... If it weren't small and quiet I'd sell it. So I'll be on coding hiatus until my new machine arrives. Happy belated New Years everybody! /Scott EDIT: Rising from the ashes, like a phoenix... or some other sort of rising ash thing. I tracked down a factory certified mobo for my baby on eBay. It only has 64 mb of video ram, instead of the 128 of it's predecesor, but that should be plenty for standard mac usage. After a couple weeks stuck in Windowsland... I've never appreciated OSX so much. It's true what they say, you don't know what you got 'til its gone. What they don't say, is that you really appreciate it more when it's then back. I think the reason that's not part of the song/saying is because it's long-winded. So anyways... I publicly announce the birth of my newest baby, The HackBook Mark II lives!
  13. More prominent script links ftw

    I've been told that with all of the other stuff I've been putting on my blog, the links to my script are becoming hard to find. So here is my remedy to that: Sysinfo - System Info Display Script Convert - Text Conversion Script /Scott EDIT: I'm now recommending that people grab the newest version from the topic of #scripts on irc.moofspeak.net This version is outdated.
  14. Adobe Announces Photoshop CS3 Beta

    Just wanted to post my success, and give some stuff I found/made to you guys. Firstly, I love how crazy fast CS3 opens, but hate how it looks. Here http://www.macthemesforums.net/viewtopic.php?t=16778576 is a much better replacement icon. I also decided to undertake making a better splash screen, to match this icon. To use either of these, open Adobe Photoshop CS3.rsrc (Located in the Resource folder inside of the App) with ThemePark. Search for splash. Click on SplashArtBackground.png, and then drag either of these into the picture window. Choose resize image, save, and close ThemePark.
  15. So lately I've been on IRC more than normal... mostly avoiding school work towards the end of the semester. I've noticed a couple trends that I feel are hindering more than helping the community as a whole. Firstly, Kext installers. I know the makers of these mean well, but unless this installer puts in multiple files and edits them on the fly, kexts don't need installers. Dropping a kext file in /System/Library/Extensions then running chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions... not hard. And no, I don't chmod my kexts, never had to. By giving an installer to someone that doesn't know better, you're robbing them of the skills necessary to salvage an install if/when they screw it up. The command line is your friend, not your foe... treat him as such. File begging... wtf. Ok, so this is something I have done. In experimenting with updates and whatnot, I've hosed my system a couple times and needed someone to send me a couple specific kexts. But you know what, I've been on IRC with a lot of these people for over a year, I don't feel bad asking for a little help. This doesn't apply to so many new people who ask for the whole kext folder from a given install... if you need all of the kexts, and not something specific, are you sure you even know what you're doing? And on that note, people fixing problems for others remotly. I've heard of certain people doing remote installs for people, or logging in and fixing various problems. With an OS like this, nobody should be doing this sort of thing. If you don't have the skills to get this OS running, maybe you should stick to something simple. OS X, in the incarnation most of us use, is a reward for the work needed to get a perfect install going. Right now my install is running the best it ever has, and I couldn't be happier. But I had to tweak a lot of little things, build a kext or 2, and install once or twice to get everything to this level of perfection. So you know what , I DESERVE IT... do you? And yet after my perfect install, my first words on IRC were not looking for praise. This is where the quote in the title comes in. zOMG, you got OSX to install??? Hey guess what, so did we. There's a pretty big group of us that installed 10.4.1, and have been with it since last September. There are certain community members who are actually doing new stuff, like new chipset kexts, sata controllers, and of course the extensive kernel work. If one of these guys announces they got something which previously didn't work to work, that deserves a round of applause. These guys(and maybe girls) go under the appreciation radar far too often, and this is sad. But everyone else in the channel has had a working install at some point, so in that regard you are not special. Wow... that's pretty negative, but it's against my policy to not post what I write. Maybe I should seek professional help. /Scott "You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and we are all part of the same compost pile." ~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 17