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My new baby


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About a week ago I brought home a 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) bundle of joy that as been taking up most of my free time. No, I didn't reproduce... that's the last thing the world needs! What I'm talking about is an Xbox 360.


I've been trying out a bunch of games, and so I haven't given each much time yet... but I've managed to build up a decent starter Gamerscore. (180 if you're wondering)


And since scripting is what I do, I worked out a way to display my Xbox Live info in a script, and added it to my script. After updating, /live or /xbl followed by a gamertag will display the info. The commands will work on their own if you set your gamertag into the Sysinfo Settings.


Well, Geometry Wars is calling to me... back into the fray I go :dev:



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