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RIP - HackBook Pro


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Just shy of New Years my main comp/hackintosh/true love suffered a graphics card failure and has become a 10 lb paperweight.


The HP ZD7000, what my comp really was, was notorious for graphics card failure. I figured I didn't have anything to worry about because I've had the thing for years no prob. Then a little while ago my video started flickering off, but it would flicker back on eventually. Now it wont :dev:


I'm in the process of tracking down a replacement ZD7000 w/ lower specs that I can move over my cpu/optical drive/ram into. She will be dubbed the HackBook Pro Mark II.


Until then I'm stuck in Windows land on a machine I picked up a while back that I've named the Craptop. An AMD XP 1400+ (~500 mhz) w/ 256 mb of ram... If it weren't small and quiet I'd sell it.


So I'll be on coding hiatus until my new machine arrives. Happy belated New Years everybody!






Rising from the ashes, like a phoenix... or some other sort of rising ash thing. I tracked down a factory certified mobo for my baby on eBay. It only has 64 mb of video ram, instead of the 128 of it's predecesor, but that should be plenty for standard mac usage. After a couple weeks stuck in Windowsland... I've never appreciated OSX so much.


It's true what they say, you don't know what you got 'til its gone. What they don't say, is that you really appreciate it more when it's then back. I think the reason that's not part of the song/saying is because it's long-winded.


So anyways... I publicly announce the birth of my newest baby, The HackBook Mark II lives!

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