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Start your engine, network share and backup


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so you want to be a superstar, rule worlds, ehmmm, share worlds,....

default share for user login only,... now you've probably got a couple disks glued on,

and no way to use them to transfere data ?



get sharepoints

http://www.hornware.com/sharepoints/ and donate,....

should have been in OS X, by default,....


backup, rrrhh,... install, reinstall, try again,....

shure in in the windose days, the reinstall is unavoidable,

backup options are ,... optional, and takes another program to learn,

shure, you can install os x, but, users, apps, etc,... again,...

cccloner will help


don't forget to donate ,....



looking for:

os X install from USB flash drive , install from DVD is slow,...

down the road , install from network,...



cheers, Rob

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