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Hey kids, it's been a month since my last blog post (if you can even consider that a post... more a begging session) so I figured I should give you guys an update.


Well, the actual begging for money didn't really pan out. It seems that donations to the big 2, JaS and Semthex, make perfect sense to you people... but outside of that, donate == bad. And who am I to call you all a bunch of ungreatful...


anyhoo... This is a script release post. I've ironed out almost all of the bugs I can find in my Sysinfo script. I recently added GeekBench score output using either /geekbench or /gb.


Because this addition features new preferences, just replacing the script file wont work if you've used my work before. You'll have to manually delete your preference file for the script, which is ~/Library/Preferences/Colloquy Prefs - Sysinfo KK


If you've never used my script before, this wont cause you any problems.


Also, today I took it upon myself to write up a simple (or at least what started as a simple) binary <-> text conversion tool. What I ended up with is slightly more complex than that. Using this script, you can convert from text to any of the following:

  • Octal
  • Binary
  • 2 Digit Hexadecimal
  • 3 Digit Hexadecimal
  • Decimal

Now you may be asking why... I dunno, why not? It's a great way to send secret messages, or just be irritating to others.


Here are the links to both:

Newest Sysinfo script (same as link in earlier post)

Text Conversion script


To install:

Put either/both in ~/Library/Application Support/Colloquy/Plugins

Restart Colloquy or type "/reload plugins" into any of the colloquy windows

For sysinfo: type "/sysinfo help" for all of the different commands

For Convert: the syntax is /command <text>, the commands are as follows:

  • Octal - /octal to encode, /unoctal to decode
  • Binary - /binary to encode, /unbinary to decode
  • 2 Digit Hexadecimal - /hex2 to encode, /unhex2 to decode
  • 3 Digit Hexadecimal - /hex to encode, /unhex to decode
  • Decimal - /decimal to encode, /undecimal to decode
  • ASCII - /ascii to encode, /unascii to decode

If you have any problems, I currently spend most of my time (on irc) in #scripts on irc.macspeak.net so pop in and let me know what's up. Or feel free to just stop by and say hi!


And I'd just like to thank again JaS, the only one of the at least 20 known users of my script to have donated (with the intention to donate again). I'm always amazed at how good a guy he is, doing all this work for everyone and (outside of the donations of late) wasn't really getting the thanks he deserved for it. So big thanks to JaS.




I'm now recommending that people grab the newest version from the topic of #scripts on irc.moofspeak.net This version is outdated.

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