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Another nVidia day! (on DELL SC430)


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A friend of mine bought GeForce 7300GS 128MB PCI-e.

We have tried installing on SC430.

Since SC430 designed as Server. His onboard video is 16MB no 3D.

Nice working but not fancy at all. We use him as server and Desktop Mac part time.

However 20" monitor connected sharing with another DELL.


All method was just followed as yesterday.

It works fine with 3 times rebooting.

Finally mouse cursor appeared.

Just reboot a few times nothing difficulty. So if you do follow method I tried and having something wrong, just try rebooting several times until system seems fine.


System hungs, blackout screen and never come back should be different problem.


SC430 has no 16x PCI-e but 8x and 4x.

8x slot is not compatible with video card.

To make 16x card fit into 4x I need to cut the edge of slot.

I used ROTOZIP as seen on TV product. It helped me to shave slot edge.


So 16x card in 4x, performance seems approx 25-30% slow. It works on 1600x1200x32 QE/CI/OpenGL.

Just 40bucks used nVidia turns non-fancy PC to average desktop Mac.


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