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MacBook Problems...AGAIN!


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When I had my MacBook's discoloring issue fixed, I thought that the problem was done an over with. I guess not...


A few days ago I had noticed some darkish spots appearing next to the touchpad again. At first I thought that this was just a mere shadow, but as the days went on they began to get darker and darker. Finally, I took my MacBook up to a bright light and noticed that it was the discoloring again, back for revenge! It gets really annoying looking at my +$1000 computer having all of these problems.


Oh, and I'm getting more than just the discoloring now. It's also cracking, mooing (again), whining (again), and it's starting to drop my wireless signal every once in a while. Now all of my apps are starting to disapear into the blue and my free hard drive space seems to be getting smaller and smaller as the days go on. I'm not installing or downloading anything either...


Time for another trip to AppleCare Land... :dev:

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