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Current MacBook Condition (after tech support)


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After waiting for less than a minute I was able to get a hold of aa Apple tech support person. She had me run the disc utitility (which I already had). It fixed some part of the widgets folder and a administration thing. What I had never thought of doing was "repair permissions" multipe times. She explained that doing it once might uncover more problems that reparing them once would not detect. Not that that really fixed anything, it was something worth while that I learned. I then rebooted about 3 times before we gave up trying to do it the normal way. I would get to my desktop with only part of the menu bar showing, and that was as far as it would go. So I force quited each time and booted up in "safe" mode (power button + shift). I was able to login that way to test a few things but nothing was fixed. We then booted off the Mac OS X install disc (powerbutton + C) and check to see if the disk permissions (I believe) were ok. Everything turned out to be fine so I tried booting up normally. As usaul that didn't go right. A blank desktop appeared with the spotlight part of the menu bar viewable and that was it. I hit the power button and ta-da. It got things moving but not the way I'd like it to be in the future.


What actually got something working today was removing the "helvetica fractions" fonts. Those were the fonts all my writing appeared in :dev: . After that about 50% of my fonts want to stay italicized [sp?] and there's nothing I can do about. The default Safari font is also corrupted so my default font for Safari looks like total garbage :dev: .


What I've decided to do is just start from scratch. I'm going to totally re-install without archiving my folders and files. Hopefully I can pick up a drive from a friend who works at Seagate :dev: But anyways, as of right now I'm pretty annoyed but atleast I've got some solution brewing. I'll let you know how things go from here.

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