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Current MacBook Situation


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Well, unfortunately I have to re-install Tiger for the third :dev: time. I've tried to be positive with this whole MacBook thing along with the issues I've had, but this is becoming very very annoying. The biggest of the problems was the random shutting down which was fixed and hasn't returned. What was to come after the RSD, I thought wouldn't occur again. After the RSD, certain files got corrupted, applications continously crashed, and things like the power button wouldn't work. All was fixed by a simple re-installation of Tiger. After having to do that twice, I'm now left with this problem.


Basically I installed a bunch of fonts, and now Safari likes displaying corrupted fonts, or atleast I believe they are corrupted. How they got corrupted I have no clue. What has also happened in the past few days (before the font problem) would include the following: apps spontaneously crashing just like before, horiifically long start-up times, a non-functional power button (just as before), and to top the whole thing off, my keayboard, along with trackpad will flat-out not work. No keys work and I can't move the cursor. As a result, I have to do a force shut-down by holding the power button, then restart it.


This whole thing has just gotten to be too much. I'm going to go ahead and re-install Tiger. After that, I'm going to decided whether or not to keep this machine and try and get a new one. Maybe paying for the incredibly expensive AppleCare might pay off.

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