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Update Number 1: My First HTML Site


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Well I guess this is a good place to discuss the development of my site. Well to begin, I have uplaoded several things that I find entertaining. I found a bunch of really cool Java applets called "Grappa." I linked off to them earlier in my blog but that site is www.eigelb.at. Lots of other cool stuff can be found over there. After uploading the jar files i used an embed src tag and was able to succsesfully get 4 of the java applets working in my site(Link). After that I was also able to get a few flash games on there. I downloaded like 75mb of games off of a torrent in a .swf format and once again used a embed src tag. Right now Helicopter, MiniPut, Pacman, Snake, and Gridlock are all availible. Because of my memory transfer limit, I'm limited to the amount of games I can get on my site but that's a good selection for right now. I'll keep you posted on what's to come next.


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