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Final official release of my Colloquy script


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As some of you may or may not know, I've been working on a Colloquy info script. When I started using OSX last September, I tried out the various IRC clients and only Colloquy seemed right.


Most of the other people in the community were using X-Chat Aqua, and an information script that went along with it.


I wanted the script, but not the client. So I took it upon myself to make something similar for Colloquy. Not understanding Applescript at all at the time, I started off of the only sysinfo script available for Colloquy (from Colloquy.info). I then poked through the X-Chat Aqua script and added it's features to mine.


The result worked well for me, but then word got out that I had created this, and interest built.


The irc channel I started for testing purposes #lilkanada on irc.r-type.ca, had become an actual channel that people used. I haven't been working on it much, mostly because I feel that I am done. As such, I find myself less focused on that work, and in turn IRC itself.


I imagine there will be more work done, but either way I always upload it to the same place (for an update feature that stopped working :dev: ). Here it is download away.


To install:

Unzip that to ~/Library/Application Support/Colloquy/Plugins/

and type "/reload plugins" into Colloquy (or restart Colloquy)








I'm now recommending that people grab the newest version from the topic of #scripts on irc.moofspeak.net This version is outdated.

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