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Macbook Pro quietly gets Logicboard update...


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Apple is quietly replacing logic boards in MacBook Pros that have undergone repair by Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) and has told its providers that the new logic board require an upgradeded version of Mac OS X. Users who have experienced problems and have had their MacBook Pros repaired may receive MacBook Pros with an upgraded logic board, according to MacNN sources. Apple told its sevice partners that some MacBook Pro computers may require Mac OS X 10.4.6 after having the main logic board replaced: "When a MacBook Pro goes in for repair, some computers may receive a different version of the main logic board (MLB) than others. The alternate MLB provides equal functionality to the one it replaces. It does not add any new functionality. It is important to note, however, that the new MLB requires a later version of the Mac OS X operating system to be installed." Early production versions of the MacBook Pro had many problems, which were resolved by updated logic boards, but did not require a new OS version; Apple also acknowledge and addressed some battery-related problems in early version of the MBP's.


Authorized service providers are being told to give customers a new Mac OS X 10.4.6 install DVD and that if the MacBook Pro's logic board is replaced by a AASP, the AASP should update the computer's version of Mac OS X from the DVD and pass the DVD along to the customer. Apple, however, did say that all not all MacBook Pro logic board repairs would require the updated version of Mac OS X.

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