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Please help me: Ati 9600 Pro (AGP) - Monitor Resolution


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My Ati Radeon 9600 Pro (AGP) is detected as a pci card in the system profiler.

I cant change the resolution.

I tried to patch the ATIRadeon9700.kext with my ID´s (ATI 0x1002 - 0x4150).

It is loaded but i cant change the resolution again.


Please can somebody help me.


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Thank you Rammjet!


Sorry, i searched before

but i dont found the write one.

Maybe because of my bad english.


Callisto is great.

Now i can change my resolution :-)

But i think the graphic is now a bit slower than before

and some effects in the dashboard are gone! ???

In the system profiler something change too.

Core Image: No (before yes i think)

Quartz Extreme: No (before yes i think)

Is that normal???

Can i fix that?


The mouse curser bugs are gone :-)


But i have another problem with Iphoto.

When i stop an diashow (pictureshow)

my complete graphic crashes.

Have you got this problem too?

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You did not complete the install of Callisto if you had you would have QE/CI


# How do I get the QE/CI/OpenGL KEXTs to work with Callisto?

Look in your /System/Library/Extensions folder for ATIRadeonXXXXGA.plugin/ (XXXX depends on your card model). Edit its Info.plist, under IOProviderClass key change IONDRVFramebuffer to CallistoFB, update or delete Extensions.mkext and Extensions.kextcache, then reboot.

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Thank you Technobob!


Now Core Image & Quartz Extreme are running.

My Dashboard got his effects back.

But the mouse curser bugs are there again.


And the mouse curser is still crashing when i leave

the pictureshow in iphoto.

Can i fix that problem?

Has anyone the same problem?

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Hi to all,


i tried to fix the mouse tearing with mouse locator

but i still got the mouse tearing bug :-(

Then i tried Mouseposé in demo mode (because i got no key)

its better than without this tool but now my curser is blinking or flickering

and sometimes its gone when i dont move the mouse.

What can i do now???



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