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  1. psajcho

    9a321 install without DVD: doesn't work

    When Your mac starts press alt. Then You'll have two icons. You can select boot destination - Leo or Tiger
  2. Learn about mouse tearing http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...ic=5499&hl=
  3. psajcho

    [PL] problem z istalacja 10.4.6

    czyli powinieneś sprawdzić czy osx jest na partycji primary.
  4. psajcho

    Ati Radeon 9550/Saphire

    You must get new, orginal ati drivers. You have installed drivers for laptops and you're thinking that it work?
  5. psajcho

    Image ATA hard drive to SATA

    Yes. I used norton ghost and everything works
  6. when bootloader starts press anything and type -v and press Enter. If not press F8 when osx starts and type -v. then show us what you get.
  7. psajcho

    [PL] Polonizator 10.4.5

    te spolszczenie aktaulizuje jakieś ważne składniki systemu? chodzi mi o to, czy po jego zainstalowaniu nie będę miał żadnych problemów ze startem osx'a?
  8. psajcho

    Callisto Technical Discussion

    Anybody could send me 006 version? psajcho@gmail.com EDIT: Please! Help me! :\
  9. Hey! If you have radeon you could instal that RadeonTool. Before i can't use screensaver and can't play chess but now... hmmm check it out
  10. psajcho

    Problems with Mac OS X and SATA

    or simply: goto the bay of pirates and search x86 AMD/INTEL good luck ;]
  11. Hello. When I go to sleep mode (I have mac os 10.4.6) it's going to sleep, but i can't revert my pc to normal mode. hdds, graphic start but i have black screen with my radeon serial number (P/N113-PC2040-69) and it's stop. I can't do anything. I tried suspend mode in winXP, but i have the same result. I trying to change some suspend optons in bios, but no results. please help me. Sorry for my bad english.
  12. go to lovely bay of pirates and search X86 AMD/INTEL It's work on my ASUS K8N nForce3 chipset
  13. psajcho

    Mac Os X v.10.4.4 on SATA Hd

    Hi. You can install OSX on the IDE drive and naxt clone IDE disk to SATA by Norton Ghost. I think it's the easiest way.
  14. psajcho

    mkext with included sata nforce3 hack

    Thanks so much. I love that board :[