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Broadcom 4401 ethernet on laptop not working


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I have Acer 4202 wmli laptop with 10.4.7 JaS installed

The laptop has Broadcom 4401 ethernet.


I can't get it to work.

Other people say that this setup works for them out of the box

Just my luck it does not work for me.


Original install - all I saw was "built-in ethrnet" greyed out.

Then I installed older IONetworkingFamily.kext which I received from a member here

This now identifid the ethernet card/port but the LEDs on the port did not light up

and also there was no networking


I tried changing en0 to en1 but that also did not work.


Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

What is the point to a laptop if there is no wifi or ethernet?


More detail on my problem at


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