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Stuck in Launchd SIGKILL

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Hello people and thanks in advance for the attention and any help you can give.


I installed 10.8.3 normally, but the system hangs if i don't use -x flag


My Hackintosh:


CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core, chipset 945G, Video GMA950.


Stuck with screen like this:




But it gets black with terminal cursor, then some launchd lines again, and black screen, some launchd lines ... The loops continue indefinitely


Tried solution proposed here: http://www.insanelym...hd#entry1909489, but no go.


with -x flag everything works a bit normally, but some apps and functions don't work and the system is very slow...


Edit: My pc config is in my sig, but i don't have the 9600 no more.

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Full support for your GPU can be found here.


Thanks... In the end the problem was caused by an RTL8XXX kext... I read the link, the downside is 32bit mode... I will buy a GTS210 instead... Since i need to try some sites on iPad over XCode... And the new iOS7 :)

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