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Do I need DSDT and SSDT or not?


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Last time I had 100% sucessful install of hackintosh on my system was a year ago with 10.7 installed.

Now whenever I try to install it again I endup with something not working.


First time with new hardware on 10.8

Installed 10.8 with DSDT with P8(generic) patch and ALC889 patch. Installed bootloader and booted okay.

However speedstep didn't work, unless hackintosh was put to sleep and then woken up.

Later on I was told to install SSDT for 2500k and it fixed the speedstep issue.


Second time I tried to install with 7970

Fairly easy installation. No DSDT but with patched asus 3xxx bios.

Audio worked, speed step worked, and sleep worked. However 7970 wasnt supported at the time so I went back to other OS.


When 10.8.3 was in beta

gpuThe 7970 worked with sleep trick, however I couldn't get speedstep to work without sleep trick (after vga sleep).

I tried with DSDT and without DSDT, but no luck. Still same patched 3xxx bios.


Recent attempt

7970 worked without the sleep trick. No DSDT and audio and sleep were working fine.

However no speedstep support. Installed SSDT and sometimes speedstep worked sometimes it didn't.


So my question is how do I know if patched DSDT is needed?



I also remember changing smbios.plist different times. Did that help with some installations?

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