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  1. What do I patch in my DSDT?

    I have Asus Maximus IV Gene-z/Gen3 with patched 3xxx bios and Intel i5 2500k. The audio is run by ALC889. Without patched DSDT SpeedStep and sleep don't work. What do I patch in DSDT to make it work?
  2. Last time I had 100% sucessful install of hackintosh on my system was a year ago with 10.7 installed. Now whenever I try to install it again I endup with something not working. First time with new hardware on 10.8 Installed 10.8 with DSDT with P8(generic) patch and ALC889 patch. Installed bootloader and booted okay. However speedstep didn't work, unless hackintosh was put to sleep and then woken up. Later on I was told to install SSDT for 2500k and it fixed the speedstep issue. Second time I tried to install with 7970 Fairly easy installation. No DSDT but with patched asus 3xxx bios. Audio worked, speed step worked, and sleep worked. However 7970 wasnt supported at the time so I went back to other OS. When 10.8.3 was in beta gpuThe 7970 worked with sleep trick, however I couldn't get speedstep to work without sleep trick (after vga sleep). I tried with DSDT and without DSDT, but no luck. Still same patched 3xxx bios. Recent attempt 7970 worked without the sleep trick. No DSDT and audio and sleep were working fine. However no speedstep support. Installed SSDT and sometimes speedstep worked sometimes it didn't. So my question is how do I know if patched DSDT is needed? Edit: I also remember changing smbios.plist different times. Did that help with some installations?
  3. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    Install latest bootloader
  4. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Do AMD7xxx users still have to sleep for gpu to work?
  5. Yup, that pretty much what I was asking. One more thing. Can I later on modify the image with, lets say, bootloader, kext files and etc. Eventually having an easy way to reinstall Mac OS that has all functionality?
  6. So I have got couple of questions. Is the install process of Mac OS the same on all machines? The installation process on my system takes around 15 minutes. I tried creating an image of fresh installation and then recovering it to a different computer. The recovery process (from SSD to SSD) took about 3 minutes and from there I was able to install bootloader and basic kext. SO to the questions. Does mac os installation process install exactly the same files/configuration on many different systems? Am I safe to install MAC OS using restore from image process?
  7. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Does eas personality define any other information about graphics card other than number and type of ports? I have DVI-D HDMI and two mini DP. There GHZ version (I think) with same ports but bios has gpu clocked to 1GHz. Just trying to see
  8. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    He said same thing about framebuffer with my setup. I wonder why.
  9. Yes. From other thread that I view, people seem to have fixed the problem by re-plugging the mouse/keyboard. But that doesn't work for me. I suspect either my R.A.T. 5 or G510 is causing this. Downloading drivers/software for both to see if I can get it fixed. Edit: And yes. Installing driver/software for both G510 and RAT 5 fixed the issue for me. Thank you for the effort
  10. Let's take dock magnification as an example. When you move your mouse pointer over it, you will get the magnification effect. Another example. You have a Safari open. Click on File manu and move your mouse over items in menu list. The menu item below mouse pointer will be highlighted. This doesn't happen for me.
  11. About a year ago I was running 10.7.x on Asus Maximus IV Gene-z/Gen3 with 5870. No issues, minor DSDT edit and perfectly working hackintosh. Recently I got back into hackintosh (mac os needed for school), but this time using HD3000 graphics. Everything works, speedstep, audio, network, even full resolution graphics. But... But there are no animation or hovering effect. For example hovering mouse over menu items should highlight selected item, instead I have to click to select it and click again to actually click the item. Dock magnification doesn't seem to work either. Also tried same setup but with 7970 with 10.8.3 DP Update. Both methods, with and without DSDT injection, yield same result. Working system, full resolution with two monitors. But again no animations, hovering effects and etc. Is this something related to motherboard? Or what else could it be? Edit: I might have been too harsh, but some animations are still there. For example when opening an app, icon jumps on the dock smoothly. Notifications fade in and out perfectly.
  12. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    So DSDT injection is still needed before final is released? I had a DSDT with injected buffer (before fresh install) and I was getting same numbers in benchmarks. Yet still had to do sleep&awake for gpu to start up.
  13. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Here is ioreg http://www.mediafire.com/?57mx35k16snn754 Also I did a fresh install of 10.8 Then applied 10.8.3 and using certain tool (not sure if I can name it here), finished the setup with DSDT-Free Option, GraphicsEnabler=No, iMac12.2, plus other motherboard specific stuff. Ofcourse I set AtiCOnfig=Aji using CW. Boots perfectly until white screen(s). Send it to sleep - wake up - and I am at desktop. Two screens, full resolution, luxmark reports 1762 (7970 @stock)
  14. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Well from a different forum I learned that if I put computer to sleep and wake it up (when white screen shows up) the graphics card starts up. If I recall correctly sometime back a different card had similar thing going on with sleep&awake to get it started. Also what happened to all the animations? I am not getting any hover effects showing up nor dock magnification.
  15. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    I am still getting white screen (with mouse if I replug monitor) after Installing 10.8 then 10.8.3 Dev Update (or ATI7000 kext). I have also injected DSDT (here) and booting with ATIConfig=Aji (XFX 7970, DVI, HDMI, DP, DP) Am I missing something?