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How I got audio on my MSI X58 Platinum with ML 10.8.3

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I got audio to finally work last night (3:30am..ug) after days of trying, so I'm hoping I can pass on something that might be useful as way of saying thanks to everyone who contributed to my own successes with OS X 10.8.3.


This was my first Mac installation on an Intel PC, and I watched a lot of YouTube videos to get up to speed...so thanks also to YouTube et al. The only boot arg I actually needed after starting the install from a flash drive was-- PCIRootUID=0 -- the Mult**east utility was helpful with post-installation things, and after getting ML installed it was basically a nicely running Mac (barring the odd USB mouse/keyboard problem that was resolved--see my other post).

(Apologies to InsanelyMac, as a newbie I'd started with the Uni***east setup processes. I wasted a lot of time before realizing they don't tell you they've crippled the new version to only work with an .app file downloaded from the Apple store. So, to all, check Youtube for a video with a link to an older non-crippled version and how to make an install USB drive from your .dmg. But there are other utilities that likely accomplish the same thing.)


My system:

MSI X58 Platinum mobo

EVGA GeForce GTX 260 graphics card

Onboard Realtek ACL888 chipset.


However, I could not get sound to work with any of the widely discussed AppleHDA or AppleHDA1 kexts I found, or any other workarounds. My 'Sound' showed no input or output devices at all, until I came across the new VoodooHDA pkg at the link below:




The version 2.8.2 zip, uploaded within the last couple of weeks, did the trick, and the instructions are very clear. Once installed, it removes (backs up) any AppleHDA.kexts, and you now have a VoodooHDA 'prefpane' under System Preferences to make adjustments. Check the Mac 'Sound' controls, and hopefully you now have an Input/Output device showing. If so, you may be good to go (if not, hopefully something will get you there.)


One thing to be aware if you don't have sound straight away. Per the instructions, definitely check Input Gain in the VoodooHDA prefpane. It defaults far to the left, but the Gain likely needs to be pushed far to the right to get any volume (obviously check your normal system volume too.)


NOTE: If you still don't have sound, the instructions say you might need to enter a couple of lines in the info.plist file that is used by VoodooHDA.kext. This requires the 'Device ID', which isn't easy to find from what I could tell. I had to use Windows to find it, but in my system the Realtek ACL888 shows to be VEN=10EC DEV=0888 making the DeviceID in this example: 0x088810EC.


SIDE NOTE: It's not complicated to edit the file, but the latest OS X version (Mountain Lion) apparently locks these important files and the usual TextEdit utility permissions no longer let you edit and save them directly. There are ways around it using Terminal, but that's tricky for some folks. If needed, try the free 'TextWrangler' editing program. I tried it and it's very nice, and if you do need to edit a 'locked' file it will ask you to give a 'root' administrator account when the time comes (use your own account and passwd, etc...presuming you have admin privileges.)


Hope this helps you get audio working if you have a system like mine, or one that uses similar hardware.


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Correction: It DOES work if I max out the input gain as you suggested. Thanks for the info!


@#%...you're right that it was a year ago, not weeks ago...my bad. Still, I'm really glad it did work for you and hope it makes life better a little :)

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