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Bios don't detect HDD


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I don't know if this is the right forum, in that case sorry :P


First off, i set my HDD as following:


1° partition: 100mb windows partition

2° 50gb windows

3° 50gb MacOSX

4° 50gb MacOSX clone

5° 300gb NTFS for stuff


My bootable partition was the 3°, and by chamaleon I was able to boot both windows or macosx.


I uninstalled windows 8 and reinstalled windows 7, obviously it changed /boot flag to 1°.

I used to use gparted to switch the flag back to 3°, but this time I tried with the diskpart and set 3° as active (aka /boot).


Now the HDD isn't bootable anymore, BIOS doesn't detect it. I plugged the HDD in another Windows PC by USB. It doesn't work: i can't see no disk nowhere! Nor in Disk Manager.


I tried to use gparted and plug the HDD AFTER gparted was running. I was able to see the disk and each partition as they used to be (that makes me think that there's any "physical" issue).


I would like not to format the disk (however even though I would do it, i can't because it's not detected anywhere).


What can I do? Can someone help me please?


Thank you in advance.

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Nop, it's a Maxtor.


After many hours, I finally end up to switch to IDE mode from AHCI in the BIOS setup. Now I am able to boot Windows 7 again... half work is done.


Since Mac OSX run only in AHCI mode, I enabled AHCI driver in the windows registry (I read some tutorial here and there on internet).


Then I restarted the PC, changed back to AHCI in the BIOS, rebooted again and... nothing, auto-detection of SATA 1 is still in "guru meditation".


That sounds wierd to me because I already had that setup before Windows 8 install (dual-boot Win7+Macosx x2, in AHCI mode).

And plus, since the first bootloader is chamaleon and it starts from an HFS+ partition, why BIOS doesn't detect the disk and allows to boot the Mac straightly, bypassing Windows?


IDE mode: disk detected.

AHCI mode: disk undetected.


Maybe I'm doing something wrong or I miss something...

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