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HD-6870 over 60 degree celsius even when idling

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Just wanna ask is it normal. According to some posts on Hackintosh, it seems to be way too hot than normal. It's stable so far, but I would like to see if I need to do something to make my system safe. My config as follow:


Below is my config:

Gigabyte GA-x79-UD5 w/ 3930K CPU

Zotec HD-6870 display card

64GB ram

Corsair 240GB SSD

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Same here! My 6870 is quite warm as well.

I don't really care about the heat itself, I just would love to test if idling is working properly.

If it is working properly and it's still warm - so be it.


So, is there a good way to check for Mountain-Lion if idling-mode for the GPU works?

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