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  1. He guys, just discovered the strangest behavior with my hack. Its running for quite some time and its pretty reliable, I'm happy. But now I wanted to get rid of my GPU-Throttling problems once and for all. So I did some testing with windows and the onboard-card and used an energy-meter to clearly see when the gpu is throttling. Don't ask me how I found out in the end, but: When Starting the machine and booting into MacOS it runs at about 130W at idle - way to much. ( Under windows its idling at 90W - thats better. ) BUT: When starting MacOS with my Monitor plugged out and only plugging it back in when the boot reached the login-screen: solid 90W! I did some Benchmarking: performance is exactly the same, but Idling/Throttling actually works flawless then! Repeated this quite some times, always the same outcome: Booting with Monitor plugged in: 130W Idle. Booting with Monitor plugged out: 90W Idle. So, guys. Do you have any idea why GPU Idle/throttling only works when I'm booting with my monitor plugged out (and then pluggin it back in at login)? And the next quesiton: How to fix this? Thanks guys!
  2. seltsam23

    How to check if GPU (ATI 6850) is idling/throttling down?

    Uhm, I'm suprised. All the hackintosh-User who have ATI cards, how do they make sure their cards are idling properly? Isn't this of any interest to them?
  3. seltsam23

    How to check if GPU (ATI 6850) is idling/throttling down?

    How to..? Cmon guys, help me out!
  4. seltsam23

    How to check if C-States are working?

    He, guys! Back to the C-States! Where exactly do I get information about C-States in the Screenshots postet above? Thx
  5. seltsam23

    How to check if C-States are working?

    Thanks man! Tried the little tool from your link, it shows me this: Where exactly does it tell me about the c-states? Would love to have some kind of live-view of the actual c-state. Thank you
  6. seltsam23

    How to check if C-States are working?

    Thank you, mate! Thats the return: | | | "AICPMVers" = 19136773 So, what now?
  7. Hi there, how can I check if C-States are correctly working? Not talking about P-States! I'm having the GB-Z77X-UD5H. Should I expect the C-States to work out of the box? Should be fairly easy, but still... how to check this, how to make sure it's working? Thank you!
  8. Hi there, can you tell me how I can check wether my GPU is correctly getting into idle / throttling down? My system is water-cooled, so I don't have any fans spinning up. Does anyone have experience with Idle of a (Sapphire) 6850? Can I expect it to idle correctly? My temps are higher than in windows, thats why im wondering. Thx and Cheers
  9. Hi artur-pt, and thanks for the dsdt.aml! Did you mod/patch the dsdt.aml I posted in my first post? Would actually love to know, what exactly you patched with that dsdt.aml. Thank you mate!
  10. Thx Maniac, that's some useful information! I did how you told me, loaded MaciASL and patched with Pjalms links. Unfortunately usb is still waking the pc, altough iFires solution at least kinda worked. So there seems to be some more magic involved in iFires solution. Any idas? Thx a lot!
  11. Thanks for your answer, Maniac10! I was using the unedited/unpatched dsdt.aml because I was told that my motherboard doesn't really need a dsdt.aml. Everything was running quite good, no need for a dsdt.aml - except now for deactivating this usb-wake. My thought: runs without dsdt.aml -> no patches needed. Was that a wrong approach? I was checking several forums for a solution for my usb-wake problem but didn't find any "patches" or stuff that exactly fit my needs. Right now I still wouldn't know what patches to apply, and from where to get them? Since the system is running I don't want to fix stuff, that isn't broken - if you know what I mean. Anyway, can you recommend me a patch that fixes my problem? Or should I get patches anyway? Why, and which ones? Thank you a lot!
  12. Well, can't wake with keyboard for example. Anyway, I don't get why you don't tell me HOW to fix it. You dit it somehow halfway, but that doesn't really help me. I would like to understand it, to do it my own - that is the whole point. Teach a man how to fish... you know?
  13. Mhm. Told you I can't have ALL of my usb-ports deactivated. So, share youre wisdom, grandmaster!
  14. Seems like you did a bunch of things there, didn't you? How do I know which of them are necessairy, and which are not?