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8gb vs 16gb ram

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If you are working with a lot of files, in multiple different Adobe programs, do you reach your current limit of 8GB (Or more something like 7 because OSX needs RAM too)?

If you reach your limit of RAM, your hard drive will take over, and things will slow down.


So if you reach your limit while you are woking, then yes, you will notice the difference. If not, there is no reason to upgrade.


Good luck with your decision :)



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thats what after effcts says for video/ram


dabting if i should get another 8gb of ram for editing or a extra 500gb sata hd for windows 7 + games.

I use clover bootloader so Im not to sure how difficult that would be, hopefully pretty easy with a fresh hd.

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IMO... RAM is usually super cheap now for newer boards, like $50 for 8 and $100 for 16. Spend the money on the hard drive for now, if it turns out you need more ram you can always invest later. Also, I would try to go for a 1tb drive or higher. I've seen plenty for roughly the same cost as a 500gb.

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