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  1. jlfilms

    audio help yosemite alc887 clover

    n2 Please send me a priv message ill make it worth your time ... please.... File: audio_cloverALC-90_v2.0.command_v2.0.3 Verify EFI partition mounted, Finder/Devices/EFI Password: Sorry, try again. Password: rm: /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/config-backup.plist: No such file or directory cp: /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist: No such file or directory cp: /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist: No such file or directory Error, EFI partition not mounted No system files were changed To save a Copy to this Terminal session: Terminal/Shell/Export Text As ... logout I followed everything there still... jus send me a private message please.
  2. jlfilms

    audio help yosemite alc887 clover

    can you please post steps for me? I dont understand at all.
  3. I got yosemite working with my 970 and now I'm having trouble with audio. Can someone please point me to the alc887 kexts? or what ever the gigabyte z77 ds3h motherboard needs. Thanks.
  4. jlfilms

    [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

    please someone? I'm in yosemite with the 970 an its {censored} looking, i tried installing the web drivers and it says they are not compatible. do i need to change to Mac pro system def??
  5. jlfilms

    [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

    maybe someone can help me, I jus got done installing yosemite on my new 500gb ssd, with the gtx 760. Do i Just put in my new 970 and install new drivers? do i need any boot args etc?
  6. jlfilms

    Clover General discussion

    can someone help me with my new 970 and mavericks or will it only work with yosemite? cuz i cant download the drivers at all. just the cuda update
  7. jlfilms

    gtx 970 question

    Just got my new psu and gtx 970 g1 gaming today, I was able to boot into mavericks just fine by putting nv_disable=1 in the Clover gui boot args. I tried installing the web drivers but they are only for Yosemite? so the resolution and all that looks like 800x600. So im guessing I have to upgrade to yosemite for it to work? Thanks.
  8. jlfilms

    need advice ml > mavericks

    Ive tried the last step 4 for the post install to remove usb and it still won't work, I've searched all that
  9. jlfilms

    need advice ml > mavericks

    I followed a guide, Got mavericks and clover on usb and booted from it and nothing. please... someone..?
  10. jlfilms

    need advice ml > mavericks

    yeah thats the thing any option will work , just tried one for creating usb stick with script and it didnt work so if someone could kinda help me a bit more would be cool.
  11. So I want to update 10.8.5 To 10.9 Mavericks So I can use FCPX ect. Im using Clover Boot loader right now to boot between my osx drive and windows 7, with 1 storage drive with that. any recommendations for install guide, ? I know its basically just create usb stick with clover and mavericks ap on osx and format the drive then install ect. should I save any kexts or plist or anything? Ill Also be using my old 8gb flash drive with 10.8.5 to create the usb stick with so that will all be erased. So Do i just download 10.9 from ap store or? also do I have to change XMP memory profile to off like default? Z77 DS3H Gigabyte Motherboard i5 3570K 3.4ghz 16gb corsair lp 1600mhz ram gtx 760 2gb sc EVGA thanks for any advice. I saw this guide and he has same build just an i7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrUgCuPzkEs
  12. jlfilms

    NTLDR is Missing

    tried repairing with usb disk , no luck
  13. jlfilms

    NTLDR is Missing

    I got the 16gb working now, Only Issue I have is the NTLDR is missing when booting to windows 7 with clover, when pressing F12 and selecting windows 7 drive it boots fine. Thanks
  14. So basically I built this system little over a year ago, I just got my new 8gb of ram and new r4 blackout case ect. Anyways I tried installing the new ram in the other two slots , exact same ram. ect . I had a slight overclock at 4.2 ghz on the cpu and memory xmp profile on my old 8gb ram so it shows 1600mhz in osx. It just reposts over and over and over when I tried it for first time then I remembered I had to reset the bios ect and set achi again and all that, Well that all happened and I figured that if I tured the Mode from IDE to ACHI it would fix it , well it did. Now I competlely removed the old ram and installed new ones in the same slots and they work fine I have CPU z info open and I can post a pic of it if you guys want. When i boot pressing F12 I select the ssd with windows on it and windows boots fine. SO i have no idea. maybe Clover boot loader issue? or? i5 3570k 8gb corsair 2x 4gb (8gb corsair 2x 4gb)NEW Z77 DS3H Sorry if its kinda confusing. *Windows wont boot cant get past NTLDR is missing. Besides going into boot options and selecting the SSD its on. *cant Get all 4 sticks of 4gb to work on my motherboard, will test more tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for any help.