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Finally decided on getting a Mac Pro


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So I have been playing with my hackintosh for a long time and decided that it's time to get a Mac Pro for several reasons.

1. Monitor Resolution:

I have a 30" monitor and I want to be able to use it correctly! And Run QE and CI apps. Macvidia doesn't have that yet and that's just more money to spend anyway.

2. Tri- Monitor Support

I have 2 other monitors that I want to hook up to it as well. I can add things and KNOW they work first time.

3. Upgrades

For every upgrade in software it seems like I have one more thing to worry about... like 10.4.8 and so on. And I want leopard to work out of the box.

4. Problems

Every so often I get a weird problem in FCP with output and want to make it so I have no problems any more. I do too much editing to have problems.

5. Cost

I'm selling my Hackintosh and other components. I spent a lot just trying to have this thing run right... and probley would have saved money had I got a mac in the first place.

6. Legalities

If I buy a mac, I have no reason to have ANY guilt on my conscious.

7. Cracking the case

I want to have my system sealed up tight and not have to open or "experiment" like I always do.

8. I'm getting lazy and running out of time.

I'm using my hackintosh so much that I know I would use the Mac Pro, and also I don't have the time to play with kext editing and other mods and such. I want it to work and work right.

9. Instant Patches.

Oh... Hello Apple, you have a patch for me... let me apply it. Oh wow that was easy :)


However I still support the project entirely still! I think that everyone has done a great job and I have had fun with a lot of the postings I have made and hope I have made a difference for some people. I will continue to play with the hackintosh hardware and play here and there when I have time. I haven't left you and will stay very active on the forum and play with some testing here and there. Hopefully I can do some good still.


So you think I'm crazy or......?

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Hey, I sold a dual G5 to get my Hackintosh. It runs nearly perfectly, but those few times it hiccups.. well... was it the software or the hack? IE, would a real Mac have crashed also? Dunno. I'm not in a professional environment, so I don't have the need for 99.999% uptime. 99% is good enough for me right now.


So no, you haven't joined the darkside - I think most folks here would prefer a real Mac. I just wish there was a mid-level tower between the iMac and the Pro - I'd have gotten that for sure!



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For a professional, you made the right decision. For a professional time is money, and the money you save by building a hackintosh is quickly offset by all the time you have to spend tinkering every time there is an update and to get stuff working in the first place.

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As a technical exercise, as a testament to what is computationally achievable, a Hackint0sh is brilliant. I'm sure its value would rapidly decrease if you were depending on it to make a living though.


I'm of the opinion that the Hackint0sh experience is the ultimate test drive - a taste of the feverish excitement of experiencing something great without being financially responsible for it.


This is, in that sense, the ultimate gateway drug <_< Enjoy your Mac Pro!

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